Shipping Policy

We’re in the business of shipping. Since we sell our high-quality shoes and boots solely online, we know how important the right shipping options can be. We want to get your work shoes and boots to you as quickly as possible, and so we have created a state-of-the-art shipping program to make sure that no matter what you choose; you are going to get your products in a timely fashion. We are located in Queensland, Brisbane, with the warehouse in Australia, and we serve all of Australia as well as the rest of the world.

Our shipping policy is a flat fee of $10 for anywhere within the Au for purchases less than $100. If your order is more than $100, we will gladly ship your purchase for free. We use a flat fee rate to make it easy to calculate your shipping without having to enter in your shipping address, and we provide free shipping on orders over $100 because we value your purchase.We are glad to pay for the shipping ourselves in return for you being a loyal customer by spending more than $100. However, outside the Au, shipping costs can vary as can the time it takes to get there. We do deliver all around the world, but outside of the Au, the shipping price will be dependent upon where we are shipping the order.

As for the time it takes to get to you, nearly all of our orders get to our customers within 5 to 10 days after the purchase. The exact amount of time depends upon the region that we are shipping the products to. However, that 5 to 10 days is not guaranteed because we only have limited space in our Australia warehouse, so if you order a specialty shoe, or something that we are out of stock of, shipping can take up to four weeks because we have to order it from our warehouse in China.